How to make your choice?

How to make your choice ?
Some choices are necessary to respect the book and its era. Others are up to you : leather, paper, canvas... We call it half leather binding when the leather covers the back and a third or a quarter of the width of the cover. The remaining part is covered in paper. We speak of full leather when the whole cover is in leather. The use of the terms half shagreen or full Morocco leather specifies the nature of the leather (type of animal, breed, provenance, treatment ...). Shagreen is a goatskin whose grain is small and round, and the Morocco leather, which is also a goatskin, has a wide and irregular grain. The finishes are different.

In the same way, we speak of half cloth or full cloth.

The choice of colours or types of binding (traditional, Bradel, Japanese, coptic, adhesive binding...) is also up to you.
From a starting price of 70 euros for a small half cloth bound book - to several hundred euros for a completely original creative work, the decoration of which is designed in superior materials - the range of possibilities is very large.