Small red leather notebook, "Cathar"

Small red leather notebook, \"Cathar\"
Small red leather notebook, \"Cathar\"
Small red leather notebook, \"Cathar\"
Small red leather notebook, \"Cathar\"
Small leather notebook
Useful, solid, original, heritage
50 pages
8.9x13.6 cm, 1cm thick
Half leather bound, reproduction of a Cathar illumination
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The proximity of the site of Montségur gave me the idea of this notebook inspired directly by a manuscript of the Middle Ages. This manuscript is a Cathar ritual preserved in the Lyon Municipal Library, (Ms PA 36, f. 236r). Most of its pages contain texts. The Cathars didn't care much for images and produced few of them. There are some exceptions. This is the case with this initial which represents a fish. This is unsurprising for Cathars, who are Christians who have chosen a different interpretation of the Scriptures than that of the Catholic Church. Few authentic Cathar writings have been brought to our knowledge. This image is therefore used very often to evoke Catharism and Montsegur.
Description of the inside
This notebook contains 50 sheets (or 100 pages) on an ivory colored paper, plain, 120gsm. It was assembled and glued by myself. The thick coloured endpapers, whose texture evokes fabric, are a good protection for the inside.

Bookbinding technique 
It is a half leather bound book whose colours refer to those of the reproduced illumination. You can choose between a red leather, a black leather or a dark blue leather. The leather band that latches on to the cover board is deliberately narrow to leave room for the reproduction of the fish image that is the main focus of this notebook. The view taken from the illumination ; very close, more distant or focused on the writing, produces four different covers.