Your kids were drawing all the time when they were little. The eldest with his pencil stroke, the youngest with his scribbles... Everything collected at the bottom of old shoe boxes... They grew up, no longer draw, will become parents in turn... Why not make a selection to offer them in the form of a bound 'coffee-table' book. None are the same size ? It's not a problem. I'll discuss the most suitable solution with you... This is the advantage of handmade.... Custom made !!!

The world of binding also includes boxes and cases to preserve a book... You may prefer not to do anything to a book but you want to offer it protection. The boxes and cases are made to measure so the book slides in. You can get a book bound and find you want to include notes that you have taken on the content, correpondance with the author and published reviews that you found thought-provoking... However, all these notes will spoil the book. Perhaps it's time to make them a small pouch to match the book's binding and slide the whole thing into a case. Perhaps you have kept a small notebook belonging to your grandfather : simple lists of shopping, appointments, work done... It is a small notebook of nothing particular but it preserves a trace of a his writing. Transforming it would make it lose its character. It must be kept as is, protected in a case. The cases are there for this purpose; they can be customised with the name of the owner of the notebook. It is also useful to know how to preserve important papers: those old photos that time seems not to alter but we lose track of who the people were; those old papers written in ink from another era. Whether they evoke a family connection or the atmosphere of a time that is no longer ours, you want to keep them and pass them on. The ideal way is with a beautiful box, made to measure, personalised.

That was the year that... You discovered a new country, a new city. You visited exhibitions... You liked a movie. And like me, you kept everything... the prospectus, the entrance ticket, the postcards purchased... All loose in a poor forgotten bag at the bottom of a drawer. You're going to file it one day... The day may have come to get a box made, adapted to what you want to store (papers, small objects) and how you want to store it (by year by decade, by theme...) And finally, it is distinguished with a title of its own, calligraphed on paper, gilded on leather...
These stationery items are an extension of the field of binding. Perhaps you or one of your loved ones is getting married, expecting a child... create a photo album echoing the design of the invitation. Perhaps you have clients whose comments you want to keep a record of or you are part of an association that receives the general public... make a guestbook whose design relates your activities. You are a musician or you know musicians. Have a sheet music holder made to take to concerts or use at home for the audience to enjoy along with the sound. You want to offer as a gift or to own a beautiful notebook, a magnificent cookbook, a sublime travel book... I can adapt the inner paper (thick, thin, with lines, for drawing, for music...), the number of pages, the format... and of course the cover. A patchwork of leathers, gilding, a mix of materials, calligraphy... The possibilities for creation are endless.