Repairing a book

A special someone gave it to you a few years ago... You found the book that you learned to read with in a flea market ... Your grandmother handed down THE recipe book to you... Whatever the situation, this book is old but you love it all the same. You have looked on the internet and its value is written with only two digits, or even only one... But you hold on to it like its your prized possession... And its in tatters... So don't hesitate, push open the door of the workshop.
We don't bind a book because it's expensive. Or not for this reason alone. We bind a book because it has value for us. Because we love what is written inside ; because it is connected to our past ; because we want to pass it on ; because it is useful to us and we want to preserve it... 

Books can become damaged from deterioration due to the passage of time, from being mass-produced to ensure a cheaper price, from use and handling or from mishaps : parasites, water damage, incorrect conditions... . I will go over the possible solutions with you. Repair the tears ? Fill holes (gaps) ? Sew it up ? Offer it new cover ? Restore the old cover ? Depending on its condition and era, certain choices will need to be made. Others are left according to your tastes (technique, covering materials, paper colours...). Restoration helps consolidate your book so it can be read again and again. The tariff depends on the work to be done and the time spent to perform it. After discussing the options with you, I will draw up a quote that lets you know what we have agreed and what the cost will be.