To mark a place in a book and return to it without damaging it.
Quality materials for a small, useful everyday object.
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An essential object for readers, the bookmark slips between two pages of a book. It avoids turning down the corner of a page, tearing it or crossing out... It leaves a distinctive sign without touching the book itself. A sign that allows you to resume reading where you left off, to find a particular passage...
Bookmarks today are very diverse. They can even be collectable objets !!!
Mine are entirely handmade in Ariège, covered with beautiful materials, leathers and papers. Leather gives them a classic and unified look. It is decorated with a small embossed decoration that I invented specifically for these bookmarks. The diversity of the papers used brings novelty and creativity to them.
They are made in a band shape, of fairly normal dimensions that allow them to slightly stick out of A5 size books, or smaller. And in larger books, the bookmark won't be swamped. Its thickness,  which allows it to be easily slipped inside a book, is a way to find it quickly. The dimensions may vary. In my bookbinding shop, the bookmark does not go through any machine. Here, each leather is cut and glued by hand, shaping the small embossing. Each paper is hand-cut to fit with the leather. Each bookmark, once the leather and paper has dried, is cut again by hand.